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Casa Corazón, The Heart House, is a ministry of Mountville Mennonite Church.  Our mission is to assist children in Honduras to gain access to medical care and healthy living styles.  This includes sponsoring children to come to The United States for life-saving/changing surgery that is not available to them in their country, organizing medical and surgical teams to Honduras, and assisting with projects that decrease the health risk factors in the mountainous villages and public hospitals of Honduras, Central America.

Casa Corazón is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization registered as a division of Special Missions Inc.   It is run by volunteers and funded by the generosity of those who donate items, medical and surgical care, time and money.

  • Escorting and hosting children from Honduras who come to the United Stats for life saving surgery.
  • Much needed medical trips to Honduras.
  • Surgical brigades to San Pedro Sula
  • Casa Projects